Sunday, February 28, 2010


In case anyone is wondering, our good friend Garrett is in Chile right now serving a mission. In the Concepcion South Mission, which is right near where the earthquake on Saturday hit. Not a fun day. We spent it around the tv watching the news and calling the church offices every hour. All of the missions had reported by about 11 am and no missionaries were hurt except for the Concepcion South mission. They were without power and had no way of contacting anyone. So someone found the mission president on a bike checking on all the missionaries. We didnt hear any news until about 6. Garrett is fine, and actually his zone leader called his mom today to reassure him and gave her a number to call him. He was so far south and in a rural part of the country that it didnt effect him much. Also, there was a letter that was forwarded to us from the Santiago temple presidents wife that talked about the temple. The only damage that was done to the temple was that Moroni lost his trumpet! No missionaries in Chile were injured. I know a lot of people were praying for Garrett and I know his mom was very thankful. Prayers are answered.

Cute Peyton

Melis took these for me. Seriously, is she not the cutest thing? She is such a good baby. I read in a magazine once that its normal for babies to cry up to 3 hours a day. Peyton cries maybe that much in a week, if that. Shes the bomb.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

remember that one time when I had a blog?

ha! 6 months later! We blessed Peyton. Kylee turned 3, got a new bike. Started dance. Peyton is scooting all over the place. Christmas came and went. We went to Dinseyland with Ky for the first time. Haven came to visit. Luke and Landon came to visit. I turned 25, David turned THIRTY.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I told her she needed to get in the bath so Dad could take us on a lunch date. And she said where are we going? And I said I dont know yet. And she said Red Robin?

"Mom. Cinderella has a broken heart...." after watching Cinderella for the millionth time.

Shes in the bathtub singing right now," Now matter how your heart is "beating" if you keep on dreaming......"

Peyton was crying in the car the other day and and she knows we usually sing if shes crying and she stops. So she says MOM, SING!!!!!! Like all panicky.

I told her not to do something and she said "Mom, actually I dont want you to say that to me. " (who says actually?!) And I said well Kylee I have to say that to you because you cant play with that, and she said, well just dont be mad at me because I HAVE to play with it.

The other day David took her to the grocery store and she saw some Bubble Tape. She asked him if she could have it and said to put it back. And she said, "But dad, I need it. It matches my skirt." !?! Her skirt was pink and so was the gum. So she came home with the dang gum. Hes gonna have his hands full with her!

udate: Peyton does this screeching sound, and Ky says, see mom, thats why we should get a new baby!

Love this girl.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Heres our pretty Peyton LaVelle. She is such a sweet baby. Fastest labor ever. Got to the hospital at 9:15 had her at 9:45. So nuts. I couldnt believe it when I literally pushed 3 times and she was here! David keeps teasing me and calling me a pioneer woman because ONCE AGAIN I didnt get to get an epidural. But this time it was SO much better. I guess only being in labor for 30 minutes helps. Im a little freaked out what will happen next time around. Wouldnt it be awful to be one of those stories you hear about where you have your baby in the car?! ack! So everything went great, totally not as planned, but so much better. We are doing great and love our new little Peyton!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New pictures of Kylee

Just warning...picture overload. But they are SO cute!

Melissa has been practicing! Its SO crazy how good she is with photoshop. It took Kylee a little while to actually want to take these, but by the end she was looking for spots to take pictures. What a goofy girl.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July Block Party!

Its been tradition since I was 6 to go my parents houseboat every year on the 4th, but this year my mom was going to be visiting the McKinleys and my brother Brett was going to be at EFY so we decided to stay home and have a block party. SO glad we did! It was so fun! We have such a good ward! Heres some that my cousin Camille took of cute Ky: