Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentines Day!

I love LOVE love Valentines Day. I dont love it for the candy or dumb teddy bears. I just love it because its a day to remind us just how much in love we really are. (I guess if I was single...I wouldnt think that....It would be more like Single Awareness Day) I read an article in Womens Day about saying I love you and this ladys take on it was that its overused today and that valetines day is lame, basically. I wanted to write a letter to the editor, but I guarentee someone already did and I can read about it next month. David has always been a hero when it comes to Valentines. We dont make a huge deal or anything, but it is just nice to be remembered. Since everyone and their mother go to dinner we decided not to, and went to the temple instead. It was so nice!! We decided to make this a tradition. We just did sealings and ate in the cafeteria and it was one of the best dates we've had in awhile. The cafeteria was pretty good too! They had prime rib! We were able to seal Davids mom's sister to her parents and Davids grandpa to his parents. Anyways. It was a beauitful night and we did take some pictures but our camera was dead...but I did have one of those windup ones, so I'll have to get them developed. Of course Kylee had a cute Valentine outfit and matching bow... :) Thats one of my favorite parts about Holidays...dressing Ky up!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lets see..

Ok, well lets see if I can figure this out. We are David, Stacey and Kylee. I dont know where to start....mmm...well we've been married for 31/2 years and live in sunny california. We have the cutest little girl Kylee. We just finished our very first home and LOVE it. I think Im a very fun who wouldnt want to read all about us?!

This is how we met.... I was going to school at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg having the time of my life and David had just started working for my dad. I came home for break and my mom convinced David to ask me out. How embarrasing to have your mom set you up....But Im so glad she did! We had such a fun night and I stayed out a little too late, well a LOT too late. My dad came looking for me, sure I was dead in a ditch somewhere...David thought he was fired and I got grounded at age 20. haha. We dated for a few months and David swept me off my feet with his man charm and good looks, then got married in the Oakland Temple. He really is my best friend and such a good husband. He does the dishes EVERY NIGHT. Two very fast and very fun years later we had Kylee! Shes the best. I never knew babies came with attitude, but she sure did. From glares to giggles shes got it all. Everyday I feel so blessed and lucky to be her mom. I love treats, new shoes and the smell of windex. I am a Britney Spears fan and still havent lost hope that one day she will get her act together. I even love the Spice Girls. I love trying new recipies. I love getting pedicures. I love flowers and gardens. I guess that sums up the past 3 years.....Here are some things you might have missed....

Dating, wedding, and Kylee...

Notice our pretty blue carpet....

our house in progress...

Kylees so stinkin cute!

David and his wild girls.

Ta-dah!!! Almost done!

Kylees first birthday at the zoo!

I promise to be try and be more exciting as I get used to this stuff.