Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another A's game.

(Kylee makes this funny little kissy face ALL the time now! Im pretty sure her Aunt Kristen taught it to her....)

Heres some pictures of the A's game we just went to with the Krums.

Just some funny ones...

This is what Kylee looked like Sunday morning when David went to get her. Shes fancy.
(thats her new lipstick.....thanks Kristen!)
I was wondering where she was.....she jumped off as soon as she saw me. But it was so funny!
OOH, just coloring when my cool shades...

Kylees Birthday

Kylee is 2! And Im very happy to say our sweet girl is back! Here are some pictures from her fun day.

This is how she looked when we sang to her. How cute is she?

This is her tent and sleeping bag. She has taken every nap since her birthday in this and slept last night in her castle and bed. Its so funny. She even said, "i lub my castle" and mom, come in, like we say Come in, when someone is at our front door. The girl is a crack up.