Thursday, May 28, 2009

At our house..

If you ask Ky this week what our her sisters name is, its Jalisa. Like this. JAH-leeesa. Like its fancy. Thats her nursery teachers name. Last week it was Eric. As in Prince Eric from Little Mermaid. And she makes us feel her tummy to feel "Stella" kick. Thats the baby thats in her tummy. What the? I love this girl!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day!

I dont think my weekend couldve been any better! I have the best husband! I got these on Friday. And then on Saturday we went to dinner with my parents and grandparents.

And David totally cleaned Kylees room up for me which was a huge deal because we had been painting and just left things a huge mess. On Sunday I woke up to cute Kylee snuggling up to me with a big kiss and a Happy Mothers Day. I got to sleep in while David got Kylee ready for church and then she came in and told me breakfast was ready. So then I got some yummy waffles. AND at church David taught my primary class so I could go to Relief Society. When we got home from church, he put Kylee down for a nap! AND THEN made the best dinner ever while I took a little snooze. His dinner was like gourmet chef style. Terriyaki chicken and grilled asparagus and tempura shrimp and pinapple. (Like he made the batter and everything......what is he, superman?!) And even set the table AND cleaned Ky's bathroom. Really well. Like better then I do.... Hes so dang cute. AND THEN he put Kylee to bed. But he normally does that...But still! I just lucked out big time when it comes to him. Love you babe! Thanks for making my day so special!!