Monday, March 30, 2009

Think Pink!

We got into a pretty scary car accident on Friday night so I went in today for an appointment just to be safe and they gave me an ultrasound! He said he was pretty sure its a girl!! YAY! So we'll see for sure at my regular scheduled ultrasound on Tuesday but like 70 percent its a girl. AND 100 percent I have placenta previa that he doesnt going to think will change. So cross your fingers and say a little prayer for me that it does so I dont have to have a scary c-section.

Funny Conversations with kids..

The other night Kylee was beyond tired and just was crying and crying but wouldnt go to sleep. This is how our conversation went
Ky: Moooom, just holda me.
Me: Kylee I am holding you.
Ky: No just holda me standing up.
So I stand up and she starts crying
Ky: No just hold me right there
So I sit back down and she starts crying.
So I stand up and she says just hold me on the chair
So I sit on the chair and she starts crying
"I need my bear and my blankey"
So I reach over and grab them and she starts crying
Ky: You squished my bear!!! (Like I killed it)
So I fluff it up and call it good..
This went on and on for seriously a good 10 minutes between the wrong colored blankets and the bear kept getting squished......UGH

Most of the times our little conversations and pretty funny. Heres one between Luke and my mom.
They had been outside looking for lizards and my mom gets all brave and actually catches one and puts it in Lukes little cage. He actually says this to the lizard. "Oh little lizard Im sorry my grandma got you and took you away from your family." What the??

Latley Kylee has been talking to my tummy. She and I both have babies in our tummies according to her. Hers is a frog baby named Drake and mine is a sister baby named Stella. ?!?!

My memory works the best when Im trying to fall asleep so as I remember these stories Im going to post them on here.

OH I just rememberd another one with Luke.

So Luke was here and 'tooted'. He goes Oh exscuse me I farted. and I said, Oh Lukey lets just say toot thats a nicer word. And he looks at me like ohmygosh seriously? And says, Stay-ceee, there was air in my bum and it came out, that is a fart, NOT a toot. Oh Sorry.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I admit Im a reality TV junkie. I know its a waste of my time and David doesn't get why I want to know what a bunch of high school kids are doing (Laguna Beach) or dumb girls in Hollywood (The Hills) or that rated R junk with the gay people (The Real World) But the DUMBEST thing I have watched all year was The Bachelor last night. I am so annoyed. Jason is a scum bag. Molly acted like a dumb girl. Yes its totally cool to make out with a guy who FIVE minutes ago broke up with his fiance on the same couch you are making out on. And I think Melissa let him off way to easy. Ugh. SO as much as I am bugged, I will be watching tonight to see what happens....probably to get bugged all over again.

Edited to add: I just read seriouslysoblessed. and I do realize that I sound just like her. haha. And one of her comments was, Molly should have said, "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it." And I seriously started laughing, out loud.