Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kylee's shoot!

So I had my friend Michelle and her husband take some pictures of Kylee and I never dreamed they would turn out this good. Im slightly obsessed with them and would plaster them all over every single wall in my house if I could. (I seriously might anyways) Kylee NEVER takes good pictures like in the ghetto Picture People in the mall where I usually go. By the end of it I'm sweating to death, Kylees screaming and the "photographer" is like and I quote," um, wow, maybe you should come back later. Shes kind of bad." And then her very first time she got her pictures taken (she was a week old), no joke, the girl was trying to sit her up. I was like no really, she can't sit up yet. And the girl was like well I saw it in a picture, so lets just try it. Michelle and James were awesome and they just followed her around and captured her in all of her cuteness.
So for these to turn out as great as they did I am SOO happy. So, if you need a photographer, I VERY highly reccomend Rognon Photography. This is their wesbite,
SO heres the pictures.

These are just a few of them. THANK YOU Michelle and James!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prop. 8

There was a fireside tonight at the church given by Elder Ballard some other members of the church. They encouraged young people to actively do their part to support this fight were facing. They actually said "write on your blogs about this" So this is me doing my part. I support Proposition 8 and this is why:

Heavenly Father created Adam and Eve. If this wasn't part of his divine plan, it would have been different. He would have only had Adam or only made Eve. But both people were central in the plan.

I think its very sad that in Massachusetts, Catholic Charities, an adoption agency ran by the Catholic church, was forced to close its doors. They were forced to do this because now (since Massachusetts recognizes gay marriage) they had to consider homosexual couples for their children. Rather then compromise their standards and go against what they believed, they shut their doors. This could very well happen to our own LDS services. Can you even imagine all the good that LDS Services adoption agency does? And how much they wont be able to do if they are forced to choose the greater good?

I dont want Kylee to have to learn as young as kindergarten that homosexual couples are just as normal as traditional married couples.

Its not okay with me that 4 judges overturned the peoples vote. 61% of California said they wanted marriage just between a man and a woman. This is STILL what we want.

People might argue that this is taking away gays civil rights. This will do nothing but change what California recognizes as marriage. Nothing will change. They can have their civil unions.

The prophet said to. I sustain the prophet.

So theres me supporting in my little small way. Make sure you are registered to vote! Check

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another A's game.

(Kylee makes this funny little kissy face ALL the time now! Im pretty sure her Aunt Kristen taught it to her....)

Heres some pictures of the A's game we just went to with the Krums.

Just some funny ones...

This is what Kylee looked like Sunday morning when David went to get her. Shes fancy.
(thats her new lipstick.....thanks Kristen!)
I was wondering where she was.....she jumped off as soon as she saw me. But it was so funny!
OOH, just coloring when my cool shades...

Kylees Birthday

Kylee is 2! And Im very happy to say our sweet girl is back! Here are some pictures from her fun day.

This is how she looked when we sang to her. How cute is she?

This is her tent and sleeping bag. She has taken every nap since her birthday in this and slept last night in her castle and bed. Its so funny. She even said, "i lub my castle" and mom, come in, like we say Come in, when someone is at our front door. The girl is a crack up.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sweet baby, Almost 2
Sleeps 11+ hours a night
Never cries.
Cuddles and holds hands
Will answer to Kylee, Pretty or anything else that makes her feel cute.
Will eat anything you give her
Very content to sit and color in coloring books.
Responds well to adults
2 year old entering a "stage"
Good company: She can stay awake all night long!
Loves to color: She can decorate your walls, couch, anything!
Doesn't eat much!
Has skills like a monkey and a set of lungs like a lion
You dont even need a crib, because she can climb out of it!
Can play the silent/ignore your mother game

Okay just kidding. I miss my sweet baby, but am excited for the new things Ky is discovering. She knows all of her shapes and what a K looks like. She can count to 5. She just learned how to climb out of her crib, but she also makes up her own this, to the tune of I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, "I want down, want down, down, Out, out...." She loves to sing and knows the words to: Twinkle Twinkle, The Daddy song, Monkeys swingin' in a tree, Sunbeams, Popcorn and The Wise Man/Foolish Man, and this is really funny...Get Low. She's been a little crazy lately...but I guess I'd rather have a "high spirited child" then a dud that just sits there. heehe. Love you Ky.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Columbia Trip

We took a little adventure up to Columbia with my sisters and nephews. Kylee and Luke were both so excited and kept saying ooo-oh! They had so much fun. Kylee is like the cutest pioneer baby ever.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Allisons Wedding

I went to Salt Lake for one of my girlfriends weddings. It was soooo pretty and so nice to see her. I hadnt seen her since my wedding! They are such a cute couple and so happy. I also got to see Shavonne, which is always fun, and my good friend Amanda who just happended to have her baby the morning of the wedding. (I was hoping she would!) So I got to see all my friends and it was just a way fun but super fast trip.

Good cop, Bad cop.

SO I got pulled over when I was in Salt Lake. I really dont think all police are jerks, I honestly just think most of the time they are just doing their job. But this guy was the biggest jerk EVER. I was running late and lost and he pulls me over. I said HI, and he seriously started yelling. Like the first words out of his mouth, were "Are you EVEN paying ANY attention to ANYTHING you are doing today? Or where you are going, or WHAT you are doing?" I was so shocked because I honestly didnt know why he pulled me over. So I was like, what? And hes like You didnt even stop for the pedestrian. WHAT?! There was some lady trying to cross the road, I dont think there was a cross walk, but I know for sure it wasnt at a light or anything. So he just keeps yelling at me, for reals, and I just burst into tears. I was thinking, great, Im lost, I fly all the way here for this wedding and Im going to miss it because this jerk cant quit yelling. And then he totally changed his tune, and was like well I just need you to be safe, yada yada. And Im like Im late, I dont know where I am, and Im just trying to fnd the temple. So he gave me directions and let me go, as Im like sobbing. SO I call cute David and am crying like a baby, and he gets all mad and just tells me dont worry, you'll be fine. Just hurry. SO I called him after the wedding and he had called the Salt Lake Police Department and gave him a piece of his mind. Saying how I was nervous to go by myself but that he said it would be fine since Iwas going to Utah, full of LDS people and then I got treated way worse then I ever would have by a cop in California. He even brought up Youtube. So whoever you are Mr Mean Police Man, just know, somebody in California reallly doesnt like you.

Lake Powell

Such a fun trip! We flew into Vegas then drove to Lake Powell. My best friend Shavonne and her husband invited us to their houseboat. Talk about amazing. The weather was amazing, the water was amazing, the views were amazing, our friends are amazing....It couldnt have been better. It wasnt long enough if you ask me. We decided this would be an annual trip. We left Kylee with my mom and I was a little sad about that, but it was worth it. We drove though Zions Park on the way there and that was beautiful. We also drove through Colorado City....creeeeepy. Thanks Updikes!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ky's new do!

Ive been wanting to cut her hair for so long! She hasnt had the best hair ever. We do what we can. When she was a baby all of her hair fell out except for a little dark patch in the back. So I shaved it. And then she looked a million times cuter. Then when she was about a year old, she had a serious mullet problem. Business in the front, party in the back, so I trimmed it. Much better. She does have some seriously cute curls, but only sometimes. And her hair grows like forwardish, wierd. So I just cut it off. Hopefully David doesnt cut my head off...heehee, he hasnt seen it yet. I think its SO cute. SO SO Cute. Its only hair, right?

Monday, June 23, 2008


The photographer was trying to tell us how to be fabulous. His words...not mine. I obviously didnt get it. He was saying like stand staight and then turn your hips...and I just couldnt get it. Lame.

Wahoo for weddings. Such a fun time! I was able to be in one of girlfriends from high schools wedding last weekend and then attend another one this past weekend. Im not gonna lie, I secretly felt like I was getting ready for prom or something...but if were being honest, who doesnt love getting all dressed up. So, I couldnt wear my g's for awhile...(and if Im being even more honest, I felt kinda hot but terrible all at the same time...but I got over it.) You know the church is true if theyre telling you to wear ummm...7 layers of clothing in one day. You know how it is....Youve got your g's. Then your bra, then your cami, then your shirt, 10 minutes later....geez. Off of that though. So anyways. It was really fun time. Cortneys wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings ever. It was so fun. And then Tessas wedding was just a blast too. It was a big girls night out because Melissas husband was still in Virginia, Megans husband was in Vegas, Chrissys hubby was in Utah still so David was like heck no, Im not going. So he stayed home with Kylee and we danced the night away with my old girlfriends. All of these wedding reminded me of my own and how glad I am that actually get to spend eternity with my man. Wahoo for temple marriages. So heres the top ten why I love David. (When we were dating, I made David this super cute book that had all these reasons why I was crazy about him. The front said..."How come I love David" it was so cute.) okay and I really do like my g's.

10. For what a good man he is. He helps everyone. Little old ladies, homeless people. Babies..everyone.
9. Hes pretty blue eyes and lashes that go for days.
8. He is so good at everything he does.

7. What a WONDERFUL AMAZING EXTRAORDINARY dad he is. Above and beyond anyone I know. (No offense)

6. How he still gets jealous. Come on...Im old. 15 lbs heavier. Wrinklier. Crankier. And he still gets tiffed if he thinks someone wants me. (he prolly acts this way just to make me think he thinks that way!)

5. How he kisses me every morning before he goes to work while Im still in bed.

4. How he works so hard so I can stay home with Ky.

3. That he built our house. Himself.

2. He never makes me feel bad about myself.

1. That hes mine forever.

Love ya babe!

Swimming with Lukey

Kylee is such a water baby, I love it! Melissa has been visiting so weve been swimming everyday. Our kids are super brave all the sudden, floating by themselves and everything.