Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prop. 8

There was a fireside tonight at the church given by Elder Ballard some other members of the church. They encouraged young people to actively do their part to support this fight were facing. They actually said "write on your blogs about this" So this is me doing my part. I support Proposition 8 and this is why:

Heavenly Father created Adam and Eve. If this wasn't part of his divine plan, it would have been different. He would have only had Adam or only made Eve. But both people were central in the plan.

I think its very sad that in Massachusetts, Catholic Charities, an adoption agency ran by the Catholic church, was forced to close its doors. They were forced to do this because now (since Massachusetts recognizes gay marriage) they had to consider homosexual couples for their children. Rather then compromise their standards and go against what they believed, they shut their doors. This could very well happen to our own LDS services. Can you even imagine all the good that LDS Services adoption agency does? And how much they wont be able to do if they are forced to choose the greater good?

I dont want Kylee to have to learn as young as kindergarten that homosexual couples are just as normal as traditional married couples.

Its not okay with me that 4 judges overturned the peoples vote. 61% of California said they wanted marriage just between a man and a woman. This is STILL what we want.

People might argue that this is taking away gays civil rights. This will do nothing but change what California recognizes as marriage. Nothing will change. They can have their civil unions.

The prophet said to. I sustain the prophet.

So theres me supporting in my little small way. Make sure you are registered to vote! Check


Anonymous said...

I totally agree Stacey.

Steck family said...

Okay Stace reading this just made me cry! You read my mind, I was going to blog about this... Good job!

James, Michelle, & Jack said...

Hey Stace! Thanks for sharing your views. We have a blog at too that covers these same issues. And the website they spoke about last night is And we would love to take pictures of Kylie! Our weekends are pretty packed (with Prop8 stuff) until elections, but we could set something up after that like on the second or third weekend in November before Thanksgiving and you'd still have cute pictures for Christmas. :) Just let us know what works best for you.

Melissa (Murdoch) McKinley said...

go stace! it's so weird being in idaho and not hearing a word about prop 8. i'm proud of you and our friends and family for doing so much. i'm sad that i can't vote... maybe my absentee ballot will get sent to mom's? love you!

Will & Kaili McKay said...

well said!! I wish i was still registered to vote in california, like melissa, people up here don't even know about it and whats going on.

Justin & Mandy said...

I saw your pics on Michelle's blog... freaking cute. I can't get over Kylee. She is just as photogenic as her momma! Watch out!