Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I love sleeping. Its a rare occasion that I wake up before 9:00. I think thats why I dont get sick.
2. I love being crafty.
3. I have a crazy sensitive gag reflex. When I get grossed out I can feel it all the way down to my tail bone. I don't get nautious or anything, just grossed out and the heebie geebies.
4. When we first got married I somehow convinced David to do the dishes everynight and he still does, and its SO nice. Now if I have to do them, I hate it.
5. I took tap dancing lessons for 11 years.
6. Windex and Pine-sol are my VERY favorite smells. Like so much I wish someone would make candles out of them. I would burn them all the time.
7. I have a ridiculous amount of scrapbooking paper. That I never use, but think I will.
8. I used to make/beg Melissa (my sister) to make phone calls for me. Call in sick to work, hair appointments, she even made my first Dr's appointment when I was pregnant with Kylee. I'm pretty sure that was the last straw since she cut me off after that. I just HATED doing it.
9. I've never owned a car. Every vehicle Ive had since and in high school has had 4 wheel drive. I don't even know if I could drive a car, I might wreck it or something.
10. When I moved to Rexburg for college, I bought a bunch of tank tops. I was livin' on the edge. 11. I miss being 19. It was so fun.
12. Kylee is named after my friend Kaili, but we changed how it was spelled because David's middle name is Kaj. And I thought that was too confusing.
13. I used to want to be in the FBI, which is so lame because guns make me nervous and sweaty.14. Horses and chickens freak me out.
15. Me and Melissa and Kristen were all homecoming queen. heehee. Were cool.
16. David is my voice of reason. He's so practical and I am just so not. He's perfect for me.
17. I really really miss my sisters. And everyonce in awhile I get really really mad at a certain someone that starts with a B and ends with a rock for "ruining my life" and then have to get over it because he didnt really and I just have to get over it AND it doesnt even change anything.
18. Also while in Rexburg I got something like 15 parking tickets. SO LAME.
19. I've been in primary since I was 18. Except for a brief time right after I had Kylee. I like it and they like me.
20. Both sets of my grandparents are still living and I think that makes me and Kylee very lucky.
21. Kylee has SO much personality its a little scary. The other day she was singing at the top of her longs and then turns around and says, "Thank you very much." Shes 2.
22. I love Charles Ingalls and Sully from Dr. Quinn
23. Im pregnant.
24. I LOVE Britney Spears. Shes a little crazy, but she's coming back. Just wait.
25. I think my family is seriously the best. Like i would hand pick them even if i didnt know them.