Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kylee's shoot!

So I had my friend Michelle and her husband take some pictures of Kylee and I never dreamed they would turn out this good. Im slightly obsessed with them and would plaster them all over every single wall in my house if I could. (I seriously might anyways) Kylee NEVER takes good pictures like in the ghetto Picture People in the mall where I usually go. By the end of it I'm sweating to death, Kylees screaming and the "photographer" is like and I quote," um, wow, maybe you should come back later. Shes kind of bad." And then her very first time she got her pictures taken (she was a week old), no joke, the girl was trying to sit her up. I was like no really, she can't sit up yet. And the girl was like well I saw it in a picture, so lets just try it. Michelle and James were awesome and they just followed her around and captured her in all of her cuteness.
So for these to turn out as great as they did I am SOO happy. So, if you need a photographer, I VERY highly reccomend Rognon Photography. This is their wesbite,
SO heres the pictures.

These are just a few of them. THANK YOU Michelle and James!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prop. 8

There was a fireside tonight at the church given by Elder Ballard some other members of the church. They encouraged young people to actively do their part to support this fight were facing. They actually said "write on your blogs about this" So this is me doing my part. I support Proposition 8 and this is why:

Heavenly Father created Adam and Eve. If this wasn't part of his divine plan, it would have been different. He would have only had Adam or only made Eve. But both people were central in the plan.

I think its very sad that in Massachusetts, Catholic Charities, an adoption agency ran by the Catholic church, was forced to close its doors. They were forced to do this because now (since Massachusetts recognizes gay marriage) they had to consider homosexual couples for their children. Rather then compromise their standards and go against what they believed, they shut their doors. This could very well happen to our own LDS services. Can you even imagine all the good that LDS Services adoption agency does? And how much they wont be able to do if they are forced to choose the greater good?

I dont want Kylee to have to learn as young as kindergarten that homosexual couples are just as normal as traditional married couples.

Its not okay with me that 4 judges overturned the peoples vote. 61% of California said they wanted marriage just between a man and a woman. This is STILL what we want.

People might argue that this is taking away gays civil rights. This will do nothing but change what California recognizes as marriage. Nothing will change. They can have their civil unions.

The prophet said to. I sustain the prophet.

So theres me supporting in my little small way. Make sure you are registered to vote! Check