Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Allisons Wedding

I went to Salt Lake for one of my girlfriends weddings. It was soooo pretty and so nice to see her. I hadnt seen her since my wedding! They are such a cute couple and so happy. I also got to see Shavonne, which is always fun, and my good friend Amanda who just happended to have her baby the morning of the wedding. (I was hoping she would!) So I got to see all my friends and it was just a way fun but super fast trip.

Good cop, Bad cop.

SO I got pulled over when I was in Salt Lake. I really dont think all police are jerks, I honestly just think most of the time they are just doing their job. But this guy was the biggest jerk EVER. I was running late and lost and he pulls me over. I said HI, and he seriously started yelling. Like the first words out of his mouth, were "Are you EVEN paying ANY attention to ANYTHING you are doing today? Or where you are going, or WHAT you are doing?" I was so shocked because I honestly didnt know why he pulled me over. So I was like, what? And hes like You didnt even stop for the pedestrian. WHAT?! There was some lady trying to cross the road, I dont think there was a cross walk, but I know for sure it wasnt at a light or anything. So he just keeps yelling at me, for reals, and I just burst into tears. I was thinking, great, Im lost, I fly all the way here for this wedding and Im going to miss it because this jerk cant quit yelling. And then he totally changed his tune, and was like well I just need you to be safe, yada yada. And Im like Im late, I dont know where I am, and Im just trying to fnd the temple. So he gave me directions and let me go, as Im like sobbing. SO I call cute David and am crying like a baby, and he gets all mad and just tells me dont worry, you'll be fine. Just hurry. SO I called him after the wedding and he had called the Salt Lake Police Department and gave him a piece of his mind. Saying how I was nervous to go by myself but that he said it would be fine since Iwas going to Utah, full of LDS people and then I got treated way worse then I ever would have by a cop in California. He even brought up Youtube. So whoever you are Mr Mean Police Man, just know, somebody in California reallly doesnt like you.

Lake Powell

Such a fun trip! We flew into Vegas then drove to Lake Powell. My best friend Shavonne and her husband invited us to their houseboat. Talk about amazing. The weather was amazing, the water was amazing, the views were amazing, our friends are amazing....It couldnt have been better. It wasnt long enough if you ask me. We decided this would be an annual trip. We left Kylee with my mom and I was a little sad about that, but it was worth it. We drove though Zions Park on the way there and that was beautiful. We also drove through Colorado City....creeeeepy. Thanks Updikes!