Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gross Weekend!!

Well, no pictures to post. (You wouldn't want to see them if there were any) We had a yucky weekend. Kylee was sick literally barfing all night long. Like nothing Ive seen before. All over the place. Then David got sick, then I got sick. At least it only lasted a day and a half. Then when I was sick and David was at work, I put Kylee down for a nap only to have her screaming her head off 20 minutes later. I go in her room and shes saying "eeeew sick" over and over. Shes totally naked and has poop ALL over. She had taken off all of her clothes and her diaper and shes standing on one foot trying to flick poop off of the other one because its stuck to the bottom of her foot. So Im gagging cleaning all this crap up everywhere, and I mean its everywhere. And shes saying sick sick sick the whole time. I changed Kylees sheets 3 times in 3 days. SO GROSS!!!!!