Monday, June 23, 2008


The photographer was trying to tell us how to be fabulous. His words...not mine. I obviously didnt get it. He was saying like stand staight and then turn your hips...and I just couldnt get it. Lame.

Wahoo for weddings. Such a fun time! I was able to be in one of girlfriends from high schools wedding last weekend and then attend another one this past weekend. Im not gonna lie, I secretly felt like I was getting ready for prom or something...but if were being honest, who doesnt love getting all dressed up. So, I couldnt wear my g's for awhile...(and if Im being even more honest, I felt kinda hot but terrible all at the same time...but I got over it.) You know the church is true if theyre telling you to wear ummm...7 layers of clothing in one day. You know how it is....Youve got your g's. Then your bra, then your cami, then your shirt, 10 minutes later....geez. Off of that though. So anyways. It was really fun time. Cortneys wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings ever. It was so fun. And then Tessas wedding was just a blast too. It was a big girls night out because Melissas husband was still in Virginia, Megans husband was in Vegas, Chrissys hubby was in Utah still so David was like heck no, Im not going. So he stayed home with Kylee and we danced the night away with my old girlfriends. All of these wedding reminded me of my own and how glad I am that actually get to spend eternity with my man. Wahoo for temple marriages. So heres the top ten why I love David. (When we were dating, I made David this super cute book that had all these reasons why I was crazy about him. The front said..."How come I love David" it was so cute.) okay and I really do like my g's.

10. For what a good man he is. He helps everyone. Little old ladies, homeless people. Babies..everyone.
9. Hes pretty blue eyes and lashes that go for days.
8. He is so good at everything he does.

7. What a WONDERFUL AMAZING EXTRAORDINARY dad he is. Above and beyond anyone I know. (No offense)

6. How he still gets jealous. Come on...Im old. 15 lbs heavier. Wrinklier. Crankier. And he still gets tiffed if he thinks someone wants me. (he prolly acts this way just to make me think he thinks that way!)

5. How he kisses me every morning before he goes to work while Im still in bed.

4. How he works so hard so I can stay home with Ky.

3. That he built our house. Himself.

2. He never makes me feel bad about myself.

1. That hes mine forever.

Love ya babe!


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Michelle said...

I loved the comment about the g's too, and thought it was cute what you wrote about your hubby. Tess looked pretty.

Crystal said...

Cortney's wedding was so beautiful! I love that you guys stunted in your dresses! You guys look like you had fun at Tessa's wedding too!

Juline said...

It looked like both the weddings were fun. Tessa and Cortney were both beautiful. You were too! I am sad we missed out on the house boat. Maybe next year! you guys!