Sunday, June 1, 2008

Go A's!

The company David works for has season tickets to the Oakland A's so we went to last weeks game. It was so fun! We drove to Pleasanton and then took Bart into Oakland. We dressed up and everything. We looked like real fans, even though the last A's game I went to was like 4 years ago when Barry Zito was still there. We had such a fun night with our little family and my sister Kristen and her boyfriend Garrett and Davids brothers Scotty and Brock. Kylee thought it was so great, she could be as loud as she wanted and yell as much as she wanted too. The camera men loved her and she was on the big screen 3 different times. We have tickets to the A's vs Giants game in June so be sure to watch for our famous litte A's fan.


Steck family said...

Stace finally!!!!!! How fun! Kylee looks so cute and is getting so big! Her hair has gotten longer too, cute cute cute!!!!

Ivie said...

you guys looks so cute all decked out in your A's gear. i cannot believe Kylie got on the big screen. That's so cool!

Crystal said...

How cool, Kylee is famous! You guys look so cute! Daniel's going to be jealous that you guys get to go to all of these games!