Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sacramento Raceway

Kylee loves dirt.
This is Bailey, Kylees twin!

My parents friends rented the race track for a day in Sacramento for a work party thing and invited us. It was kind of a guy thing so Kristen and I left and went shopping. We searched for a mall in my navigator thingy and when we got to the destination it was gone...It had been torn down! Lame-o. So then we found another one and drove the half an hour there only to find it was the starting point for the Race for the Cure....lines were out the door. We didnt stay too long. I decided to get brave and ride a little 50....and was doing really good until I got on the actual track and crashed. Our family doesn't have the best of luck. Last summer by brother in law crashed his dirt bike in St. George and broke his hip. And just a few weeks ago my father in law crashed Davids dirt bike doing a wheelie...(Hes SIXTY!) and cracked his head open and broke his nose. Needless to say, I'll be sticking to four wheels from now on.


Melissa (Murdoch) McKinley said...

what a disastrous shopping trip!! and i can't believe you crashed! that's brave you went on one though!!

Steck family said...

Ky is so cute! Whose is Bailey kylees little twinner? I can't believe that you rode a dirt bike. You are very brave!

Justin & Mandy said...

Stace... You are such a babe! Way to take the bike out for a spin, even if it did spin you off!

Crystal said...

How do they just knock down a whole mall? Lame! Sorry that you crashed, hope it wasn't too bad!

Ivie said...

you are so brave stacey!