Thursday, September 17, 2009


I told her she needed to get in the bath so Dad could take us on a lunch date. And she said where are we going? And I said I dont know yet. And she said Red Robin?

"Mom. Cinderella has a broken heart...." after watching Cinderella for the millionth time.

Shes in the bathtub singing right now," Now matter how your heart is "beating" if you keep on dreaming......"

Peyton was crying in the car the other day and and she knows we usually sing if shes crying and she stops. So she says MOM, SING!!!!!! Like all panicky.

I told her not to do something and she said "Mom, actually I dont want you to say that to me. " (who says actually?!) And I said well Kylee I have to say that to you because you cant play with that, and she said, well just dont be mad at me because I HAVE to play with it.

The other day David took her to the grocery store and she saw some Bubble Tape. She asked him if she could have it and said to put it back. And she said, "But dad, I need it. It matches my skirt." !?! Her skirt was pink and so was the gum. So she came home with the dang gum. Hes gonna have his hands full with her!

udate: Peyton does this screeching sound, and Ky says, see mom, thats why we should get a new baby!

Love this girl.


Mommy Madness said...


Jodi said...

she's too cute! I love the gum one. That cracks me up and that DAve caved in. I probably would too.

Kaili McKay said...

Cute! thats what I love about kids :) Ky is so sassy, she gets it from her momma...(I think she gets "actually" from you haha) I love it! Dads are suckers for kids did have a valid reason, haha.