Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had such a good Easter! We started off the weekend by going to Pismo Beach with my family. It was really windy but still really fun. We met some of my parents friends down there and camped with them. Im notsomuch of a great camper, so Im extremely glad David talked me into getting a toy hauler. No porta potties for me!! My parents have a motorhome, so its definitly my kind of camping. Kylee had a blast digging in the sand after she got used to the feel of it. Luke LOVED IT. He dug huge holes and sat in them and was just so happy being a boy. I even borrowed Kristens quad and went on a ride with David. Usually I just sit around camp or go into town, but this time I was brave and went riding. So we left Saturday night so we could go to Davids parents house for Easter. We didnt get home til like 2 in the morning eck! We had a really nice dinner at their house and Kylees twirled around for everyone in her dress. Shes such a girl, its ridiculous.


Steck family said...

Kylee is so adorable I love her!!! I love the black and whites she looks so precious! Did you ever find the other bow?

lissamck82 said...

pretty ky. i miss her!!! probably why luke said she cries is because he MAKES her cry!! he just loves her too hard! put new pictures on here okay because she probably looks different already too. :( and some of you, skinny girl!! love you!